Terms of use of logo mark

Terms of service

We want more people to recognize the leather of Tatsuno and enjoy fashion with more peace of mind. Proactively promote PR activities overseas and, under the desire to be proud of Japanese leather, create a logo mark that symbolizes the tradition of Tatsuno City and the prosperity of the leather industry, and a mark that guarantees quality. In order to function as, we have established the following standards for using the logo.

To union members

Available ・Matsubara Leather Cooperative Association members ・Banshu Leather Cooperative Member
・Sawada Leather Cooperative Member
cost Equal burden on each company
Use classification Tanned leather, groundwork, and finished leather
color of logo mark black
Products that can be used Tanned leather produced in Tatsuno city
Products manufactured by leathermakers in Tatsuno city
Benefits Participate in businesses undertaken by NPOs Free distribution of PR booklets and product tags (for offices / 10 sheets per company) TATSUNO LEATHER original goods can be purchased at 20% off

To related companies

Available Person who became member in affiliate company
cost Enrollment fee 50,000 yen / Annual membership fee 30,000 yen * For groups, etc., the admission fee is 100,000 yen / annual membership fee is 50,000 yen
use classification Leather goods
color of logo markblack
Products that can be used Leather products using tanned leather material produced in Tatsuno city
how to use You can purchase an authentication card produced by our corporation and attach it to the product. (Only products that use more than 60% of the surface area of ​​leather will be certified.)
Benefits 会報誌の郵送受取
TATSUNO LEATHERオリジナルグッズを20%オフで購入可

To Tanner

Available Person who became member in Tanner
cost Free admission fee and free annual fee
Product tag The description of the leather cooperative is free
Tannah name can be entered
Product tag is purchased (1,000 pieces 30,000 yen)

To supporting members

Available Supporting members
cost Enrollment fee 1 unit 5,000 yen ~ / Next year 1 unit 5,000 yen
Benefits Receipt of newsletter by mail TATSUNO LEATHER original goods can be purchased at 20% off * Product tags cannot be used

Regarding trademark registration

The TATSUNO LEATHER mark is a registered trademark.
Trademark registration No. 5995588
Trademark: Logo trademark “TATSUNO LEATHER”


Designated goods (services) classification: Class 18
Tatsuno City Leather, Tatsuno City Leather Bags, Tatsuno City Leather Bags, Tatsuno City Leather Wallet, Tatsuno City Leather Business Card Holder, Tatsuno City Leather Packaging Container, Tatsuno City Leather Pet Animal Clothing, Tatsuno City Leather Riding Equipment

You can check the details in PDF →here(japanese)