Philosophy and Initiatives


From fashion products, tools, factories, medical settings and furniture, the existence of leather in our daily lives is very common and indispensable.

Leather materials produced in Hyogo Prefecture have about 70% of the national market share, and most of them are “Tatsuno City”. Despite being a major production area of ​​such leather, it is currently a primary industry, and its awareness by consumers is extremely low.

In order to change this situation, we established NPO corporation TATSUNO LEATHER in January 2017.

Through factory tours, hands-on learning, and craft classes, students actively communicate with and understand the school, people, and industry.

Contribute to the permanent development of local industries and the revitalization of the region.

To the world. Disseminate Tatsuno’s leather.

Tatsuno City’s leather manufacturing industry history and culture, the technology it has cultivated and the products it produces are recognized all over the world. get.

“Speaking of leather, Tatsuno”

We will continue to work so that everyone can recognize it.

About our corporation

History of establishment

After the Second World War, it produced many of Japan’s leather materials-“Tatsuno City” that developed as a large production area. The technology continues to evolve and continues to attract the world. NPO TATSUNO LEATHER was formed to make Tatsuno Tanner’s pride more unique to the world.

Business description

  • Business to revitalize the leather industry
  • Business related to establishing Tatsuno leather brand
  • Business that conveys the appeal of leather through factory tours and hands-on learning


  • Activities to promote community development
  • Activities to promote tourism
  • Activities to promote the sound development of children
  • Activities to revitalize economic activities
  • Activities aimed at protecting producers and consumers